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Posted By admin on 02/07/14 - Bookmark Belle Bond

Two hour porn videos on free tube Smutty.TV

Porn stars do just about anything to get paid. It used to be that girls wouldn’t do anal without getting extra pay. Now they do anal or they don’t get paid at all. Even big named stars like Belle Bond have to do anal sex scenes.

While I was on Smutty.TV looking at their free long tube movies and I found this two hour and forty minute gem. It is a compilation anal porno with some of the hottest teens in porn taking a fat cock up their corn holes. This girl really hit home because there was a time I used to have a teen girl on my street I would fuck in this position while her parents were at work. She would frig her clit while I filled her colon with semen.

Watch live streaming porn for free on any device.

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Posted By admin on 01/27/14 - Bookmark Belle Bond

Sheer Lace Up Thigh Hi Black O/s only $4.68

Sexy is a beautiful thing. It is even more beautiful when you role play with your significant other. Before I became a porn star I enjoyed having sex with older men that, in turn, enjoyed dressing me up like a porn star. They would buy me high heels, garter belts, lace nylons, you name it they bought it for me.

Since then I have had to obtain items for my slut kit on my own from time to time. One thing that always surprised me was how expensive simple things like lace top thigh highs can be. Then I did a little digging.

What I found was amazing. There is a shop that has been online selling sex toys since the Internet as you know it got started.

This little shop has changed my life because it allows me to get the craziest things on the cheap. That way I can still have enough money left over to go out and party the night away.

Case in point: Those tight high nylons above are only $4.68! Buying pantyhose at a department store is twice as expensive and they aren’t even lace top!

If you are shopping for adult sex toys use Sextoysonline.net since shopping anywhere else would be crazy!

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Posted By admin on 01/24/14 - Bookmark Belle Bond

Watch stolen phone porn movies for free

Are you feeling more diaboli-cal than batman pissing from roof tops on a rainy day in Gotham? Ditch the social norms for something that feels deviously delicious. Watch stolen phone porn videos for free on your mobile device while you are supposed to be doing something else.

Nothing tells your boss you want to be fired like getting caught watching hardcore porn movies while masturbating into the mayonnaise. Not that I am condoning fucking with peoples food, or getting caught doing it. But wouldn’t it just be awesome to know people are walking around with your sperm in their bellies?

Some people get high on drugs. Not me. I get high on sex. If you feel the same way as me you know this kind of addiction can get costly. Which is why I have been making it a point to enjoy my free mobile porn on FreeMobilePorn.Mobi. You can watch all of the videos you want. This guy ripped them from top porn sites like Mofos.com!

Profitez de votre porn gratuitement!

Look it up!

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Posted By admin on 12/31/13 - Bookmark Belle Bond

French Kiss - Euro Porn Game

One of my all time favorite porn stars is Aletta Ocean. She is a dream goddess when it comes to porn. Nothing is too taboo for her. She enjoys everything from anal to fisting her girlfriends. Aletta is my kind of porn bitch.

Aletta plays a lead role in the Euro porn game French Kiss. This game is pretty wild in that you can use your mouse to choose different options like which actresses will be in the next scene and what sexual position they will perform. You can watch the same video over and over again and never play the same game, or watch the same porno, twice!

I really think this is going to turn the porn world on its end. As you can probably guess I have hundreds of DVD’s lying around the house, but with this site I don’t need them anymore. When it comes to games porn always livens things up.

Let the European girls on VirtualPornstars.com liven up your night!

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Posted By admin on 12/27/13 - Bookmark Belle Bond

Find all of the Belle Bond videos

Buying dozens of memberships to dozens of sites in order to get all of the Belle Bond videos can be ultra expensive. If only there was a way to get them all without having a pay a dime or spend all day looking for them. Enter the www.PlainTube.com tube video aggregator. It does all of the laborious searching for you in seconds so you can sit back and watch the hottest videos without paying a dime for the privilege.

We all have our favorites when it comes to redhead porn stars. For a while there I was a fiend for Aimee Sweet. But then I got tired of her not staying active in the porn industry. You can only watch the same video so many times before it gets boring as hell. Belle Bond is a freaky babe with a sweet set of natural tits. Oh, her fleshy tushy is also phenomenal.

With XNXX videos on Plaintube.com you can focus on the porn and leave the work to the computer bots. Plus, you get to keep a lot of cash in your wallet where it belongs.

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Posted By admin on 12/16/13 - Bookmark Belle Bond

Video Chat Free With Pornstars

Stop wondering where you can video chat free with pornstars and get your account at CamsShows.com before time runs out on their next chat. Each show focuses on a famous porn star like Raven Rockette. Currently Raven is nominated for 4 AVN Awards for the next 2014 show.

Members of Cams Shows get exclusive access to the shows for free. All you have to do is join and get an account set up by the air date. You will never get an easier chance to have live access to one of porn’s hottest up and comers.

But what if I want to date a porn star?

Well then you need to hit up the ladies on uLust.com. Their sex dating site is phenomenal when it comes to getting exclusive dates with girls nobody else has. When Jenna Jameson and her UFC husband broke up she made a profile there looking for somebody to give her a booty call. You never know what can happen when you think about it.

Click for some wild hot dates!

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Posted By admin on 11/18/13 - Bookmark Belle Bond

Dayna Vendetta getting her pussy fingered

Watching porno DVD’s is a bit of a spectator sport. You cannot interact with the girls and you have to reply on the director and the editor to put something together that draws your attention. There is a better way. You can play porn games that put your back in the driver’s seat.

In between sex partners I often become a slave to my porn. You probably do this too. You go out buying DVD’s, porno mags and a host of other pornographic mediums hoping for that one scene or that one photo spread, that will send you to the moon. If you don’t find it you keep looking and spending money. It can be a major drain on the wallet.

With interactive porn games you can feel like you are a part of the movie. If it isn’t going how you want it to go you can change direction. Would you rather he finger he ass instead of her pussy? Make the switch!

Enough of me talking about it. Click here to start playing!

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Posted By admin on 10/17/13 - Bookmark Belle Bond

Spice Up Your Life With Kinky Couple Cams

Did you get married to a woman that things a spicy evening involves watching Conan Obrien and going to bed late? If so I have a way to inject some spice back into your evening. You can bring your wife along to give her some pointers, or leave her in the TV room while you sneak away to the computer room for some wholesome bedroom fun.

Kinky couple cams on HerCamera.com will have you forgetting about your own bedroom troubles in no time. These swinging pairs are more than happy to share. Have then do your bidding or let them improvise.

You don’t have to lead a boring life. Her Camera aims to help you out of your doldrums. All you have to do is login!

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Posted By admin on 09/28/13 - Bookmark Belle Bond


What if I told you there are big tits blondes out there doing live free camsex shows you can enjoy on just about any device that is both internet connected and video capable? I found it hard to believe myself until I was sitting at my computer with free bigtits cams filling my screen and no restrictions on the number I could watch or what the girls would do!

I am not going to tell you there aren’t any restrictions at all. Each camsex network has its own terms. Some require you to login in order to watch multiple free shows at the same time, but registration is free and only takes an Email. Others want you to prove your age and identity with a $1 transaction. Still more will require you to signup and fun your account with $30 or so. I avoid the ones that require credit cards personally and just stick to the Email verification instead.

There is one network that doesn’t even require you to confirm your Email address. That one is my personal favorite because the girls masturbate, have sex and get completely naked. Your mileage may vary.

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Posted By admin on 08/07/13 - Bookmark Belle Bond


For years you have been watching porn on your TV with DVDs and I am pretty sure you are finding them to be a hassle. They consume space, they get left out accidentally and they can get scratched way to easily. It is time to let go of the old way of watching porn on your television and try FyreTV.

With this online streaming service you can either build a collection of porn that will be stored in the cloud and readily accessible by any Internet device, such as your phone or a set top box like the Apply TV, or you can rent access to huge collection of porn with studio packages.

There are over 40 of the largest porn producers onboard with the FyreTV way of doing things. Stream Justin Slayer International porn online to your mobile phone, your computer or your TV. Unleash a torrent of Vivid videos all month long for just $8 a month.

There are lots of options including pay per minute so no matter what you viewing preferences are FyreTV.com will have them covered… in porn!

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Posted By admin on 07/05/13 - Bookmark Belle Bond


If there is one thing that I hate more than anything else about hardcore anal porn videos it is when they are just little clips intended to entice you into buying a membership to something. It is because of this that I stick to XNXX porn. They have daily updates and the videos are super long. Some go for over an hour!

If you cannot find what you are looking for in the categories I suggest you search their extensive porn database. Each video is tagged so you can find them pretty easily. You can also sort the videos by criteria such as video length, number of views and the like. This is one place you will never get bored of visiting if you are into hardcore anal porn!

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Posted By admin on 07/01/13 - Bookmark Belle Bond

Petite redhead pornstar Belle Bond does what she does best in this awesome video, sucking cock! At just 5’3” Belle is really a tiny women and she has an amazing body to go with her cute little face. Laying on the couch naked on her back she sucks on this guys cock while he reaches over and rubs her clit on her little bald pussy. Fucking Belle would be a lot of fun, sucking on her pert tits and pounding her bald pussy. Taking a big wad of cum all over her face at the end of this video she shows she loves the cock. Now go and find a video of her getting her pussy fucked for a good fap 🙂

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Posted By admin on 06/23/13 - Bookmark Belle Bond

We can all see what big juggs these two horny sluts have and we can also see they have a big appetite for sex. Many people wondered around xvideos.com and just out of curiosity, I also paid a little visit to see what’s all the fuss is about. These two chicks are on their knees and savoring that thick dick and it’s balls because they want to give it a reason to stay like that and fuck them hard. Getting a blowjob like that from these two babes will be without a doubt a reason for your cock to stay still and want to enter their pussies.

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You little looker, you, Bree Olson. You are the quintessential California girl that just happens to also do porn. Fans of Bree will remember her as having had a strange period where she dating Charlie Sheen. Fans of Charlie will remember her as one of his Goddesses while he was going through a rough patch in his life. Hey, if you are going to have a rough patch, having a porn star such as Bree Olson as a girlfriend is pretty fucking awesome!

But lets get passed all of the gossip and get right to the porn. One sure fire way to find honest reviews of the hottest porn stars in the porn business is to use PornTips.com. Not only will they give you a review of your favorite starlets, and stars, they will also give you tips on saving mad cash, or steering clear of major scammy sites. Oh which Bree’s site is not one of them.

When it comes to BreeOlson.com the folks at Porn Tips have a special rate they have worked out for you. By going to her site from the BreeOlson.com review page you save 50%, a total of $15! Why would Bree want to do this? Because she gets what the industry calls a qualified hit. Somebody who is informed and looking for her content. Somebody that knows what they are getting into. You might stay a member for months at that price, whereas as some other bozo coming in their blind might not. Plus, by going in from the Porn Tips review on her site you can see that you get bonus sites in her network. Again, you are well informed.

While they haven’t gotten around to putting up a full review of Bree’s site you don’t have to let that stop you from saving money. Also in the network is My XXX Pass which they have reviewed and have given a score of 92 out of 100. This is a high score on Porn Tips as they don’t pull their punches for anybody.

Stop taking shots in the dark when you could be using the high quality adult site reviews on PornTips.com to find the best porn available.

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Posted By admin on 04/03/13 - Bookmark Belle Bond

Well, if Belle isn’t going to get her shit together on her site I am going to start posting some videos in the mean time. This one is of a hot and steamy interracial sex video with a smoking hot blonde and a dark dude with a mighty long cock.

A few years ago I had the pleasure of chatting it up with a porn star a buddy brought along to a hockey game. I asked her about taking a cock nine inches inside of her and she said it was actually painful when they try to fuck her with their entire dick. On the outside she was smiling and on the inside she was crying.

This blonde girl in the video is crying on both her insides and her outsides. LOL

Access hundreds of streaming porn movies for free on FapLot.com. The site has plenty of new ones added each day to keep your horny needs met. I like to come in there several times a week myself and see what they’ve posted. If you join, which is free btw, you can even keep tabs on your favorite videos. As this place grows you are going to want to set that shit up!

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